Zika Virus Attacks: Is It Possible to Secure Yourself from The Fever?

New technologies and medicine are closely tied together these days. We witness an incredible era. Ambulances save thousands of lives every day.

Large amount of drugs help us to fight against almost all illnesses. New discoveries in science allows to create revolutionary medical equipment that help to improve the ways of medical treatment. The future is already here. We aren't surprised anymore with internal organs printing, robotic assistants for professional surgeons during operations, GMOs and other fantastic signs of technological advancement in medicine. Everything seem to go more than well...

But it fact, in 21st century we still have a couple of diseases that we consider as incurable. Millions of people live on the verge of poverty without any access to good food, proper hygiene and even elementary medicine. Health care as we know it doesn't work properly. New approaches have to be introduced to prevent a global catastrophe. Diseases like cancer and HIV/AIDS rampage all over the world, taking hundreds of lives per day.

Throughout our history there have been many problems. But humanity went through them. And we can do this today as well. The latest researches show that we are capable of finding needed drugs against today's most ferocious diseases. Little by little, but we have some progress.

The problem of so slow progress is not in science or inappropriate tech advancement, but rather in human relationship. In many cases, bureaucratic machine slows down this progress. Pharmaceutical companies may have their interests too. Bad communication, personal interests and human factor prevent improvements in medicine.

Only combining our efforts and working together in favor of the common good, we can make this world better. No technology will replace friendly attitude.